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Kolsch isn’t usually a beer that British brewers get involved with, but we were fortunate to be inspired to give it a bash – and boy are we glad we did.

Us Rocket Town boys go to some lengths when it comes to research. One such journey was September 2015… Munich… Oktoberfest. It wasn’t exactly our toughest assignment. Bavarian brews are generally of the pilsner or wheat beer variety, we really wanted to get that crisp, clean, pilsner-esque flavour into a beer.

Kolsch isn’t a new beer by any chance, however it can only be brewed using a Kolsch yeast. So we had a play with what we thought we would like our beer to taste like by looking at the grain…. lots of pale malts, Vienna, Munich… you get the gist. We got it bang on first time round and Rocket Town Kolsch is lined up to be one of our favourites for 2016.

Currently in cask, we’re just about to launch our bottled version…. which we will then play with a bit more as we look to produce our first lager.

Beer fact…. Kolsch actually means “Cologneish” and is a a reference to the dialect from the region it comes from… Cologne

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